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DIRECTV Commercial iPad Control App

My commercial DIRECTV APP can't find any receivers. What do I do?


Verify that the iPad that is being used for the app is connected to the WiFi signal (network) that is designated for DIRECTV receiver control.  This is usually named "DIRECTV CONTROL".  If the iPad is not connected to this network, find "DIRECTV CONTROL" in the iPads WiFi section and complete the connection.


After this step is completed correctly you will now see all of your receivers listed properly.



My iPad does not see the "DIRECTV CONTROL" network. What is wrong?


This could be because one of two things. The WiFi router that is disignated for DIRECTV receiver control may be unplugged.  Find the router labled "DIRECTV CONTROL" and ensure that it is properly and securly plugged in and that the outlet is operational.


If the router is powered on but you still cannot see the network, the network name may be hidden.  You will need to contact Audio Video Communications for further assistance.



My iPad keeps connecting to other networks. What can I do?


By default we connect the iPad only to the "DIRECTV CONTROL" network.  This ensures that it stays connected only to it.  If someone connects the iPad to a different network, it will save the network for future use.  This even saves the password that they had to input to keep things simple.


The iPad will connect to which ever network it thinks is stronger at any given time.  Which will cause control problems down the road.


To solve this problem you will need to forget the networks that it keeps connecting to from the iPads wireless settings menu.  And then bring down the pain on whoever keeps changing these settings.


How do I gain access to the Members Only area of your site?


You need to be a current commercial DIRECTV customer of Audio Video Communications.


If you are, just click on the "Member Only" tab on the navigation bar.  If it is your first time trying to access this page you will need to sign up.  Fill in your email address (preferably a company email) and password.  We will be notified and will verify the account via email.


Once this is completed you will then be able to sign in via the same tab.  You can opt to have it remember your info if you like.



I can not remember my Members Only access password! What do I do?


If you forget your password we will need to delete your old account and create a new one.  Contact us and we will take care of that for you.