Other Service Solutions

Security cameras, iPad controls, and other services to keep your organization running smooth.

We offer services to copy small segments of footage at your request for all of our camera install clients; free of charge. 


Pair your DVR with a monitor to view your camera system 24/7 from a monitoring location of your chosing on the premises.

CCTV Security Cameras


We offer intallation of dome and bullet style cameras in IP or analog depending on budgetary needs. With connection to internet, you can view your camera system through your tablet, computer, iPhone, or Android device at any hour of the day or night.


High intensity, color, and black and white night time viewing available on select models. EVERFOCUS DVR functionality allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward, and more with real time viewing and record up to two weeks of footage.


Insurance companies confirm that installing security cameras at your place of business will lower your insurance rate and premium. With the addition of this feature, insurance companies have incentive to decrease your rates because of their risk being minimized. Surveillance security systems reduce your company’s risk from theft, robbery, vandalism, sexual harassment, employee misconduct, false claims, and more. Let us give you peace of mind, knowing that your business is protected.

Control Systems; RTI, URC, & DIRECTV


Offering various control programs for video and audio selection; most customized set-ups are with iPad tablet;

Main Screen >

(swipe screen / what customers see when

the iPad is idol)

Choose what you

want to control >



Select a Receiver >

(perfect option for locations that mirror televisions)

Simply input what channel you would like to switch that reciever/series of TVs to >

(operated as remote)

Choose what you want

to control >


Select DVD Control >

(prompts a screen to

utilize just like a remote)

  • Units can be wall mount, on free-standing mounts, or totally portable (protective case recommended)

  • Customize the look with a personal or business logo

  • Set-up access restrictions

  • Customize all options of your main screen; additions can be made after installation


Choose what you want

to control >


TV Sources >

(prompts zones if applicable)

Choose what you want

to control >


Use the prompted screen like a remote to select your music channel >

The DIRECTV application is very basic and offers only control over DIRECTV receivers wirelessly. This system is a convenient way to eliminate having to walk from receiver to recevier switching them manually with a remote. Remotes can be used as back-up for any system issues. Should an malfunctions occur, you may call upon AVC for service support on your control system.


**Many medium-large bars and restaurants in the St Louis area offer a type of control system such as the above noted.

Bar Area TVs >

(Select the television and be prompted to the remote control screen)

Simply input what channel you would like to switch that television to >

(operated as remote)

RTI and URC Control options:

  • Use their platform systems instead of iPad

  • Integration of lighting, security, projectors, televisions, HDMI, audio systems, and more

Routers & Wireless Access Points

We install, set-up, test, troubleshoot, provide short walkthroughs, etc.


These private units work in conjunction with many of the services that we offer, to create access points that will not interfere with or bog down your public networks. Lets face it, offering WiFi to customers, guests, and employees is essential in today's market. To be competitive you must provide a seamless experience for not only your clients, but your staff as well.


We offer simple solutions, as well as more durable and longer lasting commercial grade units; let us cater to your business needs.


We are your local Pakegde Dealer for quality commercial grade units!

Service Calls / Troubleshooting

Are you having issues or malfunctions with your equipment? Are you receiving error codes or flashing lights on screens, monitors, or other related equipment? Is your connection bad, spotty, or seem to have faded over time? Have you lost connection to your satelite dish or WiFi router? Have you experienced an act of God that had taken your system down or offline, caused shorts, or other issues?


We are here to assist you in all the issues above and more! Our certified technicians are

knowledgable in an array of electronic technology systems and can accurately troubleshoot

your system(s) to ensure proper functionality.


We offer Time & Material pricing on service calls; your first hour of labor will be at full price,

with each additional hour required at a discounted rate. Travel time is *no charge within

specified city boundaries. Call us today for more information on getting scheduled for service.