Lodging and Institutions

As one of the few authorized dealers for Lodging and Institutions in the area, we are proud to be able to offer your hotel, apartment complex, assisted living facility, group home, hospital, dormitory, and alike, feasible solutions for DIRECTV® that fit your budgetary needs.


See below on eligibility and how to obtain a quote!



The most popular in hotel, group home, and assisted living entertainment, the DRE system allows your guests to experience the same type of service they receive at their residence, making their experience with your organization that much easier and more comfortable!




Determine your service needs.


We have two distinct options;


1) COM2000

A centralized system that can be controled from a single utility locations to control television viewing through-out the entire complex; you have total control over what channels are shown, you can add/remove channels from your line up, insert local marketing channels or videos, and more.

  • Very commonly found in hospitals and hotels; viewers have a select number of DIRECTV® channels to choose from, while also being able to view supplied videos or advertising on certain channels

    • Hospital: child care videos or specialty physician advertising

    • Hotels: advertising on dining and entertainment options, guided totourials on check-out procedures, and more


2) DRE & DRE+  

Allow your users to control their viewing with a receiver at each television.

Allowing receiver units in individual rooms or locations, this system allows you to provide the service for your guests to use without limiting or controlling their viewing options.

  • Used mainly by assisted living facilities and apartment complexes; this option gives your tenants or guests access to DIRECTV® services should they choose to utilize the services. Hook-ups vary by location.


Give us a call to schedule a site survey.


Once we have established your interest in our services, we would be more than happy to come conduct a FREE OF CHARGE site survey to determine your eligibility for our programming options. A certified technician will visit the property, conduct a thorough examination of the grounds, roof, access points, current set-up, and building layout. At this time, he will discuss options, and his recommendation for your location, based on your organizations needs, location requirements, layout, safety codes, and more. Once he has completed his survey, we will send the information off to our DIRECTV® team to determine if your property is a good fit for the selected system.


Once approval is confirmed; we can present pricing and information on the proposed installation for your review.


No hassel installation.


Once we have come to terms on your organization's needs, we will schedule you for installation. Through-out the installation, we will keep you updated on all changes to accomodate your establishment's patrons, staff, guests, patients, and/or clients. Our technicians will strive to keep their work clean, organized, and out of the way of your everyday operations. We pride ourselves on high-end service and phenominal service reviews; let us show you.


Installation times vary on the system being installed, weather restrictions, scheduling conflicts, access restrictions, etc.


Continued partnership.


We will not leave you asking questions, in the dark, or without guidance when we complete our installation. We are here to assist you in your transisition with support, continued maintenance, and a genuine interest in your organization's overall satisfaction with the services we offer. 


You will be assigned an account representative at the end of our installation, with whom you may contact with any questions or concerns, for service maintenance, to add/subtract from the current unit or programming, etc.


We are here for you.